The Heart of Touch Web Series: Episode 6

Can we reduce the NICU length of stay with the implementation of Kangaroo Care?  with Kacy Bradshaw, NNP

Parents-to-be spend lots of time imagining how life with their new baby will unfold. They are expecting to bring home a healthy newborn. Thus it can be devastating when the baby is born early or with an unexpected illness.  Grief usually sets in as these dreams are replaced with the realities of a lengthy NICU admission, medical interventions, hospital bills and inadequate time off.  Throughout our interviews with NICU families, we have heard  over and over that practicing kangaroo care was the one thing that made them feel like parents. One mother explained, "Looking at my baby with so many medical things attached to him in the incubator made me feel so sad and helpless. Yet, as soon as I was able to hold him, I knew he was going to be okay, that we were going to be okay." 
Kangaroo Care research shows a number of benefits for sick infants and their families.